About Us

Our mission is to provide superior quality industrial trenchers that are exceptionally durable and low maintenance while providing invaluable technical support.

DMR Wire Trenchers are streamlined for underground pet containment systems. Our trenchers also have applications for landscape lighting, irrigation, fiber optics and TV Cable. Save time, labor and simplify the way you do business with our professional, industrial strength products.

It has been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Our president and founder, Andy Johnson was introduced to the Underground Pet Fencing Industry in 1990 when a friend in the business had a dilemma. She was losing productivity and sales on the inefficiencies of installation. She needed a machine to trench and embed wire at the same time. Andy designed and created an attachment for her tiller. Our first prototype was born. Today we’re still designing for installers. Back then there was only one electronic fence company. The electronic fencing industry has changed a lot since then; so have we. We are constantly improving on our own designs and developing new products.

Working together with installers is a primary function of DMR’s continuing success. Reciprocating ideas and suggestions from our valued customers drive innovative designs enabling us to remain current; on the cutting edge. Regardless of your terrain; DMR has a trencher options that will suit your needs. Click here to see a few of our testimonials.

Trenchers and Trencher Replacement Parts

Since our inception in 1990, DMR has been creating top quality industrial strength trenchers and trencher products. We only specialize in trenchers. As a professional business it is critical to know who your customers are. We believe it is vitally important for you to know that we have never had any affiliation with any pet fence company. If you are looking for a new trencher or replacement parts; you’ll find all it all at DMR Trenchers.

We manufacture a variety of diverse cutting blade options in our shop. A customer favorite is our Radical Blade. We offer a one year warrantee on Radical Blades our competitors can’t touch. In addition we will warrantee any DMR fabricated part for two years against defect or breakage.

DMR offers a full range of services from individualized solutions, technical support, custom prototyping, manufacturing, maintenance and repair. We only manufacture with the highest quality raw materials. We manufacture on-site in our own metal fabrication shop. This insures we can deliver products that are exactly to specifications.

Our team will work together with you to provide trencher options that relate to your specific needs. Utilize our years in the business; we will save you time and money with custom products that are time tested.